We Have Baby Guinea Pigs!

Guinea pigs make such wonderful pets for children.  They are social, and communicative.  They rarely bite and are an easy size for children to hold.  Guinea pigs live for 4-7 years and form strong pair bonds.  

We currently have five 8 week old guinea pigs for sale, three males, two females.  They have been raised in a family environment, and handled frequently.  

On rare occasions guinea pigs are able to become pregnant before they are weaned.  We separate male from female at one month, but because of this possibility we cannot completely guarantee a negative pregnancy status.

Guinea pigs are $40.00 each.  We highly recommend keeping at least two.  They do not do well in isolation. Guinea pigs are local pick up only, we cannot ship them.

For more information, or to arrange pick up, please call 606-523-2652.   This number will not receive texts.

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