Welcome to Cumberland Falls Farm, we are very happy you stopped by.

We are working on some big changes here this year.  We were very grateful and honored to receive a grant in the fall to put in an aquaponics system surrounding the pond.  With this system we will be able to restock the pond all summer with bluegill born and raised exclusively on our farm, as well as start raising catfish.  The water from the pond and fish tanks will will be pumped through adjacent vegetable beds.  This filters the water in the pond allowing it to support more fish, and maintain a balanced ecosystem, while providing our organic plants a constant supply of nutrient dense water.

In order to put this system in we are doing some extensive dirt work around the perimeter of the pond.  One of our big goals this year is to improve the accessibility of the pond.  Over the next few weeks will cut back and level the far bank as well as spread new gravel to make a wider road.  This will make it easier to get wheelchairs and scooters right to the edge of the pond as well as provide more space for you to drive and park your car by water if mobility is an issue for you.

We are not currently accepting fishing reservations as we are spending every day we can getting the pond ready, but check back with us later this Spring!  In the meantime we have your campfire wood seasoning, our worm farm is thriving, we have 39 rainbow egg laying chicks peeping in the basement, and we picked our first batch of Dandelion Jelly today.  

We look forward to seeing you all soon.