First Hammer-In, With More To Come

For those of you who don’t stay up late at night pinteresting knife making and forge designs, a hammer-in is a gathering of blacksmiths, bladesmiths and metalworkers, coming together to make stuff.  It’s a time when people can learn new techniques, try out new equipment, or give blacksmithing a try for the first time.  

Knife making is one of those amazing traditional skills, both exceedingly technical, and stunningly artistic, that really benefits from modern technology.  So we brought the gas forge, and belt grinder out, and appreciated having a bobcat to move the anvils with.  

It was a cold day but the weather mostly did us well.  We’re very grateful to everyone who came, and to those who did demonstrations, and especially to Heaberlin Supply in Corbin, KY for supplying the propane.  We will have another in the future so if you’ve wanted to give forging a try check back with us towards spring.

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  1. Brian Chinn says:

    Sorry I missed it.


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